blackmail press 39
Cameron Griffiths
New Zealand

Four Steps To Standing on a Horse - Penny Howard - 2014
Cameron hails from Hastings, NZ. He studied history at Waikato University and currently lives in Wellington. His work has appeared in Blackmail Press, Snorkel and Trout.


It was clear
she was the one,
tresses like the double helices of DNA.
Impatient with day’s closed doors
and syncopated sounds,
we kept watch over an age of
vague peripheries.

Midnight: as if the shadowy
branches of the trees suggested us,
their movement drew us
into our story.
Structures of grey information;
narrative ambiguities,
disorderly                silences.
Nothing was obsolete in the rain

in the centre of the field. Impossible
to ever be seen from a distance.
Thunder hung in the air.
Lightening struck immense gashes
through the sky’s skin; a profusion of white
gushed into the world, filling it
with absence.
We stood in a cell of oblivion
and new life.