blackmail press 21
Doug Poole
New Zealand/ Samoa

Doug Poole (b. 1970) is of Samoan and English descent. Current Publisher
and editor of blackmail press, an online poet focused journal, Doug‘s
work can be found online at Trout issue 11, Stalking Tongue Volume 2:
Slamming the Sonnet, Fugacity 05: nzepc feature, and blackmail press. His
works are also published in Paper tiger media world poetry CD 3 and Huia
publishers Niu Voices: Contemporary Pacific Fiction 1, 2006.

Featured Artist Fiona Holding

crossed cultures - special issue
Tokyo skyline

To Ben Kemp and Uminari


keep his stomach hungry
for your eastern coast

his aroha for you
mourns above the

Tokyo skyline

You are the inside
Of an uncut apple
Play for us, let us go

we cannot follow


Are you listening
to the scales of
spaces between (Va);
singing scream of darkness (Pouliuli)

T a g a l o a - a - l a g i

split the stone
unimpeded by gravity, the thin ear
are you breathing the notes
& half notes of time
Flitting in
Fluttin out
Butterfly of sound


What does the ocean say
to your strings
creating aural shores
landscapes for minds
to bounce, clap, cry

Tangaroa lifts crestshigh
Tangaroa slapscheste hoa


You hold time in a gaze
arms flow mountain water
quiver moments counting

girl love ocean

your patient hands
explode between
heart beats


U m i n a r i