Name: Elizabeth Dowd
country : New Zealand

Elizabeth Dowd is a third year medical student at otago university. She has been writing for a few years. This is her first poetry submission for publication.
Elizabeth's poems are about the journey of finding oneself.

Liquid Silk

Have you ever tried to catch words as they move?
In your mind, then they're gone.
Twirling, twisting,
Intangible entities.
Abstract, beautiful,
Undeniably pure,
Begging to be shared.
I can taste them,
So sweet,
So sour,
Liquid silk off my tongue.
Catch them as they fall.


I do not wish to feel love,
But I have come from love
From passion,
Two sources combined.

I do not wish to feel fear,
Yet I am afraid,
I am imperfect,
A tool,
An expression of my mind.

I do not wish to feel pain,
But I have come from pain,
From agony,
Blank words on a line.

There is no such thing as sorrow,
It is but the reverse of joy.
We are everything,
So that is what we feel.
I am but a flicker,
Endless, Representation,
Is it real?

The endless Line

Have you ever
Spun in a circle
Without a beginning
Or a end
Forgotten where it was
Started from
Sat on a rock
In the middle of the ocean
Pushed by a constant tide


The touch it reassures
Smoothness of fingertips to flesh
Confirm reality,
And tiredness it drags, pulling
No time for soul
Always flittering
To much to do
Look for peace, gentleness
Hold it
Then release
Watching always
For the one
With angels in her eyes.

Love's residue

I have tasted love
Felt her sunshine thread
Caress my soul
Entwine me
Such a gentle kiss
Fleeting, a transient beauty
Trapped in sweet euphoria
An illusion of tranquility
Simply sand clenched in my fist
Unfold and the grains flow through
Outstretched fingers
Forever reaching
For what has gone
Transparent rays disappear
Catching a glitter
On that which does not fall.

Chewing Gum on My Shoe

There is a name in my head
Floats there
Held by invisible ties
I am not thinking of person
Name equals person
Sitting on my shoulder.


As I walk
there is a snail
you would like it, I think
since I recently saw you
digging the dirt for them
no persuading, could convince
that actually they like surface
amongst the grass
but who am I to say
where a snail lives
for I live amongst
buildings and concrete
inside with books and fluorescent
when I would rather
be back where there are
many snails and grass,
sand, sea and sky.

Follow the Sun

There is a constancy
To this life
A repetition of sorts
Wake with knowledge
That today the sun
Will fall behind the hill
And tomorrow will come
Following on her heels
Each moment changing the last
Pushing me forward
When I would rather
Remain right her
In my reflection
Could I not stay
In this recess of thought
I do not wish
To come and smile
And laugh
For you
So that you think
I am fine
Not wrapped in this
Little piece of sad
That remains to remind
During the darkness
Of the night
Of that cherished
Which was moved
By the rays
Of a rising sun
And changes
Brought by time.