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Frankie McMillan
New Zealand

crossed cultures - special issue
In 1998 Frankie graduated from Victoria University with an MA in Creative Writing.  In 2001 her first collection of short fiction, “The Bag Lady’s picnic and other Stories”, was published by Shoal Bay Press.   In 2004 Frankie was awarded the Creative NZ Todd Writer’s Bursary.

Her poetry has appeared in various literary journals and anthologies.  Awards include winner of the Great Kiwi competition, 2001 and Highly Commended, NZ Poetry Society International Competition, 2002.  Recent work is anthologised in “The Unbelievable Lightness of Eggs”, published by Hallard Press, 2006.

Borders, 1956

The Hungarians come off the plane in white Tshirts and shorts.
They push the single beds together in the spare room.
They teach my mother Hungarian.
She teaches them English.
There are big dictionaries on our kitchen table.
At night the Hungarians cry.
They say bad men are at the border.
I look for the Communists out the window.
I look for the Communists out the back door.
Marry me, say the Hungarians to my mother.
The war is over, she says.
Now we will shop for long trousers for you.

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