blackmail press 16
Glenn Archer
Glenn Archer is a new poet, who has written for many years. This is his first venture into being published. Glen is a postal delivery officer, married with 2 kids. Glenn was born in nz, moved to aus in 79.

subtle love

  its cold. morning.
i slip into bed and warm
my frozen feet against
your feet, my hands against
your breasts.
the lightly perfumed lure
of your neck warms my icy
your feet jump at the touch
of my toes as they chase you
across the cold end of the bed.
and in the quiet still morning
i ask myself, warm and content,
is this not love.



falling now i know not where,
a lighter heart of passion as
it floats upon the air.
landing in reality
feet upon the ground,
the touch, the feel
is absent.
smelling now a scent,
fragment of my mind, encased
in dreams illusions.
holding now a ghost,
craddling now desire,
in fantasys name i ponder,
in reality...

jesus VS graffiti

the graffiti is gone,
washed away.
A van appeared,
adolescents with
paint brushes.
this was organised.
Bright colours, a familiar
It's jesus christ
the colourful, with
bleeding heart,
crown of thorns.
It takes up the whole wall.
It's been months, years,
still no graffiti.
Even the godless
fear god.