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John Bryan
John Bryan has been published in various journals such as Unlikely 2.0, Mipoesias, SubtleTea, Stylus Poetry Journal, Barfing Frog Press, The Hiss Quarterly, Verse Libre Quarterly, Apt, and My Favorite Bullet to name a few "

Heydrich at Wannsee

the magic all
explained by
breezy villa of ( blank )   an afternoon's
tension in boardrooms and dance halls
the executive a
round brandy stain
looking human
the excess ruts
all in nerve endings
clews blind themselves
in composite by allusion
perhaps invent new dictionaries
codes suspicious
even of themselves
skeletal spines in ditto
dit dit ditto

Love visits La Flaca

( precis of Sara Maria Aldrete Villareal's correspondence to me )

i cannot talk over
the phone about him
listening all
times they are

24 / 6 / 97
letter dated 25th May 1995
i know Aust. is
kind of far but ...
still trying to keep
living a copy of
your books to
read them.

10 / 10 / 97
trying to hold
onto my witches
broom studying everything
from the beginning
days are kinky
this weird weather
forgive my

O nganga cauldron
of though eleggua
god of


was the
one the ceremonial
dagger a relic
from the museum
he stole
totally Aztec


9 / 2 / 98
want to give
you the Matamoros address
in case something ...
don't know if they
want me here
or far away
weird that Christmas
card i sent
you never got
mother hasn't received hers

keep in touch
( diagram ):
this is the leaf

3 - 4 / 98
we were all shaking
scared and crying we
know why but it
happened and
it was really scary
take you to
the biggest temple of

the sun and
the moon teotihuacan
to know how
they lived survived

be a good guy don't
hang around weird people send
me the book you read
my case

9 / 6 / 98
haven't heard a
thing about
you are you
sick i have
to know
what's going on

hope this letter gets
there to
your hands still hanging
and waiting time

has passed and they
still remember
my lawyer told me

in Mexico the weather is ...

some earth movements
not earthquakes
just mo v  e
              m  e   n    ts


Summernats to your left
where birds pluck out their breast feathers
as a 'SHOW US YER TITS' response
, these birds can suck their own
The gathering of Brindabellas for a riot
Cassaurina Sands travels to you at
Brake neck speedSUMMERNATS !!!
Fyshwick with it's crew cut lawns
Flog alcohol from a Rolf Voss
Except it's Woolworths here and
Safeways in South Australia ...
ya head bashed in with an iron rod
for being a smart assSUMMERNATS !!!
Cotter damned: ... she was asking for
it, with a souped up T - string hanging
out like a rubber thong, burning,
skid marked all the way up the drag of
her backSUMMERNATS !!!
From Northborne Avenue,
Where they banned our Summernats
For demolishing traffic lights and
Roadsigns she loved every minute of it
Our eden - monaro cruising
Fatalistic spins crazy
Around Clyde Mountain
i was pumping her
One last wink at Poo Bear Cave
when spewed
Centrifically riven
stolen alcohol from a Molongoloid Mall
Adorn a tree's leaves
pumpin 'er
Sprayed out from the trunk, gushing bark,
Like it's our last Christmas
assault at pump station
we dragged the body down and held 'er
he shoved his piston in
said, ' Now let the bitch go ... ' - what an engine
heybitch showusyertits; scientifically speaking.
The steering wheel imprints
its knowledge onto my forehead from the alcohol stolen
from Molongloid MallSUMMERNATS !!!
To the coast till next year, a roadside cross the interim, having thrown my pair of fluffy


The classification and systematization according to Linnaean criteria:
The following species belong to the Family Felidae: GRIFFIN ( Gryphon gryphon ) Greece. Body, legs & tail of lion. Wings and head of eagle with two pointed ears. Occassionally with tail of serpent. Lives in mountainous areas in nests of gold. LUPOGRIFF subspecies of the griffin. Wings & head of eagle but body, legs & tail of dog. Lives in the land of the sacred Haoma plant. Natural enemy of the snake. HIPPOGRIFFIN ( Gryphon equus ) Greece. Hybrid species with the wings, head, plumage and front talons of a griffin and the lower part of a horse. Found in the Rhiphaean mountains.
The following species belong to the same Genus as Griffins: CHIMERA Lycia. Front part of body lion, middle section goat, back part dragon, three heads: lion, goat, dragon. SPHINX Greece ( of which there are three species ): Human faced sphinx ( Andro sphinx ) body of lion head of woman. Ram headed sphinx ( Crio sphinx ) body of lion head of ram. Hawk headed sphinx ( Hieroco sphonx ) body of lion head of hawk. MANTICORE ( Homo felidae ) Asia. Cousin of the sphinx. Body of red lion, tail of snake or scorpion, head of man with neatly trimmed hair, mustache & beard. Three rows of shark teeth. Roar is a blend of trumpets and flutes.

Current status of all these species: