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Leitu Tufuga
New Zealand

Leitu Tufuga is of Samoan and Tongan decent.
Her father's village is Asau, Savaii. Her mother is Samoan/Tongan from Vailoa, Alepata - Apia and Houma, Tonga Tapu.
Brought up in Mangere, South Auckland, educated in Victoria University of Wellington and Auckland University. Completed BA in Education and final papers of Classical Studies.

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crossed cultures - special issue
Dearest Tufuga

A Judge
they say you were
A proud Ali'i of Asau
Carrying integrity on his back
Veins of wisdom
streams blood of knowledge
Shielding your aiga with humility

I can see you papa Tufuga
as you marched in the Mau movement
Fighting for her freedom
Samoa Mo Samoa they cry
Your legs carry the strain,the weight
Ua fiu ia oe, a ea papa?
But your heart does not give in

Making history, preserved in books
Living in stories told to your
children's, children's, children

Sailed to Aotearoa
no longer in Asau
instead in the suburban village of Magele
My name is Leitu
My toto is your toto.

Different world
different times
I live a western lifestyle
Straight & narrow streets
White fenced houses
Racy fingers tap the keyboard
Where no wild pigs freely scrape for food
No chooks wait outside the doorstep

Dearest Papa Tufuga
I too, carry integrity on my back
I have veins of wisdom
My blood streams the knowledge
I too shield my aiga with humility

Until we meet my papa Tufuga
I shall be waiting for you
on the steps of our fale tele
in Asau