Manisha Anjali

Sun God Whiteface

part I.

one thousand Suns hanging in my TV skyeye
one thousand Suns in whiteface
bleach me free/ holy White Suns
bleach me/

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part II.

white wildflower uncoloured
uncolour my old brwn fingers/ elephantskin
what does it mean –  to touch white flowers with brwn fingers?

white beard on my brwn lady face
true I am a lark/ true I am drunk lark
true I'm in a cage/ true I'm gonna be in a (white) cage/
a bloody long time/ true I watch one thousand Suns in whiteface/
in my TV skyeye.

white rum in my brwn veins
I am the Vitiligo cow/
I am bovine divine.
white is death/ uncoloured/
intravenous glutathione/ uncolour me free.

white is my bones/ uncontaminated
waiting for my love white/a ghost
to pick white wildflowers & plant in blu water
as Jodorowsky would/
paint my white beard blu/
paint my brwn skin white uncoloured.

part III.

Sun God Whiteface/ one thousand holograms on my TV skyeye/
I am only coloured/
because you are white.

you default.

me other.

Biography Manisha Anjali
Manisha Anjali is an Indo-Fijian poet and short fiction writer based in Melbourne. She grew up in Fiji and New Zealand. She has been published in Flapperhouse, Mascara Literary Review, Seizure and Alien She Zine.

Sun God Whiteface -
Manisha Anjali
The Island - Rosie Whinray - 2015