blackmail press 16
Michelle Brewer
new zealand

Coffee & Cigarettes

Distilled conversation
Measured by a single moment
Black liquid filling empty souls
Clouds of smoke fogging emotion
In the distance pleasant chatter surrounds
At a sombre table blank eyes stare
Cold lips inhale lingering greyness
A frustrated mouth swallows black gold
And sighs with a groan of tedium
The lively café grows narrow
As despondency hangs in the air
A table is left scattered in ash
With black liquid silk
Left to caress the tabletop


My fable creature destined for daydreams
Throw your confession to the wind
And whisper my name
Glance directly towards the sidelines
And there you’ll find me
The secret dusk
And the private dawn
Circulate separately but combine into one
Whilst the forlorn movement
Hopes for a miracle
Enlightened by the day
But discouraged by the night
Leave the moonlight behind you
And declare your secret sentiment
Come clean and admit the yearning
Concealed amongst your heart’s cave
Rotate once; but look twice
My solitary figure is laid bare before you
Speculating honesty
And privately mourning your absence

Playboy Melancholy

The whirlpool of monotony lingers within
Silenced by the sound of nothingness
An unconvincing emotion clings to life
While the shuddering movement lays dead on the floor
Peeling back the layers to reveal the truth
The serpent’s shadow lurks behind the door
Awaiting the moment
Preparing to strike down
Veiled behind the thick black dust
And calling out towards the blood red sky
The playboy melancholy rises from the mist
A loitering undercurrent brews beneath the surface
Closing in on the unconventional sadness
And crossing the eye
With long awaited ecstasy

Healing Waters

There’s a slow burning chemical addiction
Between the iris and the mind
Feathered amongst the moonlit river
It circulates before a thick white glow
Scandalously tormenting with fragile confession
Darkened at first sight
But lightness radiates under the covers
Shielded by vanity and an unwilling sacrifice
Strengthened by departure and meaningful banter
The vines that tie the two possessions together
Will capture the heart of the curious
A hand held out with a non-slip surface
Is capable of unnerving the confines of discontentment

The Unseen Truth

Your first impression was a throwaway
An intolerable involvement on her part
Your saltwater eyes darted quickly
With a recollection of nothing beneath the surface
She sacrificed time and effort for that tedium
Simply to put your mind at ease
A drawn out conversation filled with antipathy
Simmering beneath this obliging surface
A mind scattered with thoughts of false hope
Thoughts of lust and hunger
A pathetic desperation surfacing from your mouth
Spinning line after line of mindless chatter
Your audience is not amused
By your endless self-involved exhibition
But you function differently from most she knows
You see a clear indication of invitation
When no request has been summoned
You imagine she desires your attention
While she privately plays thoughts of invisibility
Your imagination ran away on you
And she can see right through your ridiculous game