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Maree Scarlett
New Zealand

In Your Enigma - Ilinca Höpfner
In Your Enigma - Ilinca Höpfner
Maree Scarlett was born in Auckland, New Zealand and has written performed and recited poetry and the spoken word all over the world. Her work recently featured in The International Literary Quartely. Maree has written live music reviews in Ireland and has been a book reviewer, has done voice over’s for radio. Maree performed at the home of famous French artist Bernard Locca whose clients included Lucille Ball and Henry Kissenger. Some of Maree’s earlier works are contained at Stanford University in Russian poet's Andrei Voznesensky archives. Recently she wrote an article "Traces of Memory", for the trendy Auckland based Pie Paper. Maree has a B.A in philosophy and is completing a Graduate Diploma in psychotherapy.
I Saw Fate's Face
(for Edith)

I saw fate's face
she was wild in her raging heart
raging against the dying of the light and
welcoming the moon whose half light she hid in.

I saw fate's face in a tree, taller than the others
it sparkled in the moon's light and arched toward the sun
but it grew in dark soil of no moon.

I saw a fairy princess's face shining from my womb
whose cathedral stands as a church between my chest and legs 
longing to find a knight worthy of penetrating its lore, it waited in
a cavernous body's sky where stars swam in sea blood, awaiting
a rainbow of melody, I have seen luck
played in cards and two dice rolled
in desirousness of hand.
I took a chance on happiness, and found it when
I crowned myself with stars and stood in awe
as part of all, not separate, I found I belonged
in the dying light, in the risen moon, in the
bark of the tree, in the midday sun, in the surging tides

I saw fate's face in 
the echo of a mirror in my soul
and my body was the cathedral
to birth words from.


A bird at night turns in dark sky,
a star's luminosity eclipsed only by wings.
A bird of day not rested in night-winds
its melanin plumage crowning air thick
with dense moisture, feathering light
feathering sound,
feathering Mira's hearing

intrinsically shuttered, eclipsed only
by circumstance of extrinsic feathers,
curving darkness, oscillating 

in breadth and range through time;
the time is night -

Mira hears feathered motion, softly
in the small distance between them she is
wondrous, wondering at night's ocean
whose quiet light, seems amused

in breadth and range through time;
the time is night -

feathering Mira's hearing
feathering sound,
with dense moisture, feathering light
its melanin plumage crowning thick air.

A bird of day not rested in night-winds
a star's luminostiy eclipsed only by wings

A bird at night turns in dark sky,

Mira's beautful laughter shattered only
by a bird of day, gracing the night sky.
Moving from its place of rest, its wing-span
crowned her head, changing her light
curving darkness, changing her hearing
and transforming her night.