Rhys Feeney
New Zealand


This is how things are
no no no not a good start no
you can’t start like that too
many rules and things —
those pesky little rules they make for you
— you want to do something new!
New! New! New!
But who knew that all the newness is gone
that it ran away and hid somewhere in
someplace that isn’t.
You can’t be new these
days, these mismatched days,
that’s what you say. You
can’t create something
new because creation is as old as time. But
Stranger, Lover, Writer you
still try to do don’t you?

Try try try to make something,
something out of something else
something that isn’t new but is,
Stranger-lover-writer don’t give me
something about something,
it has to be something made from
something else about nothing.
Something that isn’t.

Biography Rhys Feeney
I'm a English-born Wellington-based student at Victoria University and the International Institute of Modern Letters. I've been a reader of Blackmail Press for a while and this is my first foray into publishing. I spend my time working at a cinema to make ends meet and dreaming of writing in the dark hours.

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