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Selina Tusitala Marsh
new zealand
Selina Tusitala Marsh is of Samoan, Tuvaluan, English, Scottish and French descent. She teaches New Zealand and Pacific Literature at Auckland University.  She is currently completing her first collection of poetry, 'Afakasi'. The development of  Pasifika Poetry is her latest research passion.

Pasifika Poetry:
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Hone Said

chris, the guyanian poet
hone said
the only land i am
is that between my toes
but anne read
that hone said
the only land i have
is that between my toes

its the difference between
and owning
and standing
and landing
she said
she’d read
he said
not am
I keep
the am

‘Afakasi is’

Afakasi is
chrysalis is
spiral is
a changing on the tip of your finger is
a shadow is
seashores underneath tips of toes is
eclipse is
ying is
yang is
a monk whose walking feet pray is
knuckle to knuckle is
nashi is
blood bound over time and a coral reef is

lack is
part is
half is
incomplete is
insecure is

chameleon is
a tear on a twig is
a row of diamonds on green is
a beat and a wing is
a wet and a slide is
a take to the air is
monarch is

a tide, a term, (for R.S.)

the restless surging of ocean is a term,
moana nui a kiwa, tiding
like a tongue over lip, it dips
and rises to tell the story

the restless surging of the term is an ocean
moana, a tongue over lip, like a
tide it dips and rises in Pasifika
telling a story

like a tongue moana nui a kiwa
talkstory, restless surging of lips
a term dips and rises like the
term Pasifika

ocean lip tiding to tell
moana, a term surging like
Pasifika nui a kiwa,
a tongue dipping
into a story