blackmail press 30 Bipolarisation
Sue Wooton
New Zealand

In Your Enigma - Ilinca Höpfner
Alone - Simon Williams
Sue Wootton's most recent publication was Cloudcatcher (Steele Roberts 2010), a storybook for children. Her third collection of poetry, By Birdlight, is shortly to be published by Steele Roberts For further information on Sue's poetry and fiction, see 

hummingbird under the skin
hot strum of strings, feverish wings
feathered thrill hovers and sings

feverish featherstrum sings
bird hum of strings, thrill-fevered skin
hot hover humming and wings

hoverbird’s feverish wings
strum-feathered strings, underthrill sings
humming strum hotfeather skin

thrillfevered underskin strings
strummingbird sings, hover-hot wings
underbird featherskin stings


The Nano Hummingbird video drone developed by the Pentagon is designed to “flutter into enemy territory”

surveys your home
No harm
Stay calm
Flutters in
Shoots skin
Sorts alien
from kin
No heart
No nest
Robotic parts
know best
No one did it
No one’s hand
Hunting instinct
Snap! Acquires
maps for buyers
Bird of pry
Unfriendly flier


Term Break

Condom near the see-saw in the morning rain: frail
as an angel’s pericardium flayed from an angel’s heart, fallen
from last night’s sky.  Dropped.

There’s a boy waking late today and stretching:  raw
where he didn’t expect it, and a girl, elsewhere, solitaire,
owning to herself: bereft.