blackmail press 21
Yvonne Eve Walus
New Zealand

crossed cultures - special issue
Yvonne Eve Walus is a professional writer with over 100 articles, short stories and poems published in magazines all over the world. Her latest novel, "Murder @ Work", was published by Echelon Press.

South African Love

She knows how
to cook you food
for fifty cents
She know how
to carry water
from the well
your South African Love

At four she gets up in the murk
and starts the fire for you tea
she washes your floor for free
and then she climbs the bus to work

She know how
to teach your son
African ways
She knows how
to wait and grieve
every day
your South African Love

She comes home long after sunset
from a white mansion to your hut
yet her heart is never shut
to a neighbour who’s deep in debt

She know how to love your land
She knows how to love you
She may moan and rue
But she understands
your South African Love

One night (stand) in Soweto

The guy was extreme
In a shanty far away
His eyes stabbed mine
Over the township beer

A volatile mix
Of malt & sweat & chaff
Clouded my head

It wasn’t the beer

Polluted by visions
Of his distaff
I felt fey, felt fear

Over the township beer
In a shanty far away
I chose to forget
The wedding ring

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