Doug Poole
New Zealand
Doug has been widely published by e-zines in the U.S.A, Australia & N.Z. Been published in three American poetry journals Circle, Portals and Firefly Journal

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Doug, is the current poetry editor of Blackmaill Press.

BFM Sunday
to Roger mcGough

Greetings morning. 
Henry bumbles in -
terupting erection;
let the slightly silly show begin.
Stay in bed till culture bunker shuts the door
on deafening laughter godhead.
Getting dressed feeling theosophic, culture is recognising art within.
Before eating Brunch, Jarah gives thanks.
Waipapa is confused; Parone holding toast 
aloft on one finger.
Around Mid-day Zambesi jazz knocks once,
and comes in. 

Paradox V1.2: Collaboration w/ Jayne Fenton Keane
to JFK

101$25,000 cocktails with (Cocksucker) Clinton. 
(dosen't Clinton get others to do the cocksucking for him?)
money well spent on lawyers and scriptwriters - that's why he tours ! 
- when he was in, but now he's out and gw (not gee whizz) is in - guess
that's one way to get a bush in charge of the whitehouse

10255 series seven bmw, for seven wealthy purchasers

103$0 fee. Exiled [ not formally recognised by new zealand govt]  
(uc most people know DL is the Spiritual Leader of Tibet), Dali Lama.

104Free Tibet from China!

105Where are our values; where have they gone?

From 'Harakeke'


Pa Harakeke

Rito, our child,
mother and I nuture
We; Awhirito
Ae, as a whanau
We florish
Ae, Pa Harakeke!


To our Tupuna, the Harakeke
Was useful, vital
We can create so many articles:
Kete, Kono
Hinaki, Hu
Tuwhara, Takapu
Piupiu, and most beautiful of all

Ae, Rongo Matane
Sighs and smiles
To see such peaceful pursuits
Calling forth one's
Agility of mind,
Refining ones patience.

"Haere, E noho
Bring your tools
Makoi, Kota, Maripi;
Let us prepare the Harakeke" 



Girl aquire and retain these skills
For we the master weavers
Must pass these arts on.

Girl sit and learn and watch
For you must master mental agility,
And patience.

Girl Observance,
Tapu is the art; Tapu is the Harakeke.
One day you will pass on these traditions.

Danger on the farm

farming has become 
nz'zzz most dangerous vocation
sheep n cows have turned
tractors fall at the merest mention
of flaying fields
corn n wheat razor sharp
dung sumps hide in the dark
no longer safe; the farmer is target
eleven per day seriously injured
one every three weeks dead, killed.
farm hands are handless
farmers wives are planning vacations

Dad was a totalitarian

Dad was a totalitarian.
Rounded up, told he was our 
father; by decree.
Passionate, ecclectic, never shallow.
Dad was a totalitarian
collected 33's in crates and cupboards where 
others kept food. 
john cale, joy division
snakefinger, john mayells blues breakers,
the bee gees?!
Drunken i love you's, drunkard violence.
now he belives in god,
i still see blood on the carpet
n scratched dylan tracks

 Longevity of suffering


You would stone me when I do no wrong?
Babe born outside wedlock.

My only crime was to find love
so soon after his travestying fist

I shall wean the child; 
need determines my longevity. 

Soon, soon my milk will curdle 
with my blood.

This time he will throw stones
he will determine my suffering

Waist deep in shame
not too short, just long enough.


Whilst a womens worth 
is judged by beauty; 
life is valued less.
Miss universe, no super women, 
stand impeccably dressed.


your analogy headlines could be:

Beauty queens say better best dressed than dead!


Tantrum X smashes babes bottle

is this just another crime perpertrated against women?
or can it be 

Stoning overturned X hung by the balls