Sarah Reed
New Zealand

Sarah is a new poet. We are especially excited to feature her works, as they have emotion, light and texture. Her language is acute, We know you will enjoy these works as much as we have.
- Editors BMP

a slipslide drive
in the dark
hot wax and peanut butter
hush hush
of the wiper blades
scuffed contorted cityscape
liquified and
against my window
smudged by
rain-pockmarked glass
somehow the night pimples
folds away into puddles
that capture
headlamps glare
The shining

(inspired by a tall blue eyed boy - Jason.)

thoughts fill up
with you today
shining one
you drink the light
and stoop
to tend a
world of pain
treasures are your
hearts intent
with gold inlaid
I kiss
your gentle hands

Wind Tapestry

day is tormented, jostled into submission by winds hasty elbows, bruised, hair tangling, she rests weary on noons
careful glow, as clouds canter by, swept across day face

rogue wind flashes arrogant smile, leaping long-legged from door to window pane with a rattle clatter of expert
percussionism, tousle-headed trees jostle dizzily in time to unkempt rhythm and sway, gasping for breath

nature ablaze with colour and movement in this wind tapestry,
reluctant performers on living stage, berobed in autumn
finery, creations cabaret

widow dawn

awake awake, leaning on the small hours of new day, barely born

i watch as night seeps to morning before me, colour surging into creations cheek, soaking every pore. scuffed heavens, leaden shadows like ice melting away, i peek through cracks in the sky, watch as curtains fold to apricot haze

widow dawn she stirs, smiling, winking down at me, shedding her veils one by one in this ageless ritual of being,
adorning my window with gathering light.

i bleed

stormclouds like curtains fall, carving the sky into neopoliton icecream swirl. treetops stroke the corners, living paintbrushes guided by unsteady hand, swayed and lapped by everlasting wind

birdsong creeps in through my window, the tranquil ebb and flow of nature

i sit, immersed in stillness, unsullied silence, pausing on the boundary of new day, redeemed by a guilty night. caressed. i sink listless toe beneath her depths, soothed by the ripples dance across surface.
mesmerised. alone

solitude is beautiful, beloved

poised like a cat stalking prey, like a bird taking flight, like an eye blink. aware yet unaware. contemplative

every fibre of muscle, sinew, tensed. awaiting the release of reason. of feeling. this numbness a cavern inside my chest like bitter wine, it seeps, it echos. anesthesia for a shipwrecked heart

solitude is piercing, beloved

i bleed


sense decay
like saltine sands
to naked wander
umbra lands
logic crumble
blurring features
stains of
secret, inner reaches
time unwinds

beneath closed eyelids
dream children play
they feather float
in crimson flicker
scent of sunrise
voices bicker
cobweb lashes

sleep blisters
dream betrayed
by tender face
of dawning
soiled fingers
scratch the scabs
peel away
to morning