Name: Beverly J Raffaele
country : United States
bio: I am an avid writer and artist. I have been married to my husband Stephen for thirty years. We have six grown children and sixteen grandchildren. My love and joy. My hobbies are flower gardening, playing guitar, sewing, crocheting and much more. I have three websites,, and

Jo !
Soft Whispers

A breeze whispers through the silver leaves,
Then brushes gently across my skin.
I feel his warmth near me.
Full lips purse and whisper close to my ear.
His breath is warm.
Silver leaves flash again.
Dewy grass leaks through my blouse,
a sweet smell.

We stroll, barefoot, pants rolled up,
The Sea gently laps, rhythmic.
Hypnotic lavender waves at dusk
strike our senses.
I softly sigh.

Our new home, a child,
"she looks like you" he smiles.
"Shhh, quiet, don't wake her."
She squeaks and squirms closer.
Little duck down head lying on my breast.
"Can I hold her?" he whispers.

Our baby a woman now.
The cap and gown,
The church.
A white mesh veil, a gown of lace.
His pride, my mother's heart aches.
With lips to his ear
I quietly say,
"How can I give her up?"
He gives my hand a squeeze.

Time slips away,
Their love eternal.
His gray hair, dying lips,
I press my ear close,
My heart lurches as I strain to hear.
He whispers love and reassurance.
My lips whisper back, tasting salty tears.

Summer In The City

Monarchs do grace a delicate rose
As a wispy wish floats by
Behind the wrought iron fence;
In contrast to the broken glass
In colors of green
Smelling of cheap wine.

Weathered beggar crouches.
Scrawled cardboard sign  "will work."
I whisk by with sweaty brow furrowed.
Thirsty children play and fight,
Shaded in the tall doorway.
Brick tenement shows wear.
A cabby honks,
Exhaust insults lungs
Wavy designs rise in the air,
Hot sidewalk burns my soles.
I yearn for cool,

Summer Fruition

Oh cyan sky.
Black cornsilks,
Sweet maize
Linear green stalks
Lend me rows in which to hide.

Weighted branches,
Honey bees swarm,
Over ripe windfalls lay
Peaches, furry skin,
Orange meat, red centers.

I relish the sweet nectar.

Of summers fruition.


A wisp of memory drifted by.
The man wore your fragrance,
But he wasn't you.

Baby powder wafted its soft joy.
Oh how I miss my babies.
They are grown now.

Cigarettes in a Honky Tonk bar
smoke curling, a squinted eye,
I am sorry you died.

The aroma of coffee drifting
Filling my bedroom,
Time to start my day.

Lilacs and Hyacinths
in purple and rosy pink,
The perfume of God.

Pungent cedar chest
Grandmothers quilt,
I miss you Gram.

Turkey roasting
And sage dressing,
Pumpkin pie with allspice.
My family gathers.

The smells of Love
embracing one another.
Thank you Lord.

Ellie's Sweet Life

Ellie looked at him as he drove.
The dusty road grooved
His old truck bumped slowly along.
Leather gloves lay between them on the seat.
Musty smells from wood and oil wafted her senses.
What stunk to some was a familiar comfort to her.
Her heart smiled.

He looked the same every morning
She could count on it.
Clean flannel shirt, jeans, work boots, denim jacket.
Coffee, bacon and eggs, toast.
A wink from his crinkled eyes.
His black lunch box loaded.
Bologna sandwiches with mustard and mayonnaise.
A couple banana's, chips and thermos.

The screen door slapped shut as he left.
Heavy footsteps across the wooden floor.
His parting words, "be good."
She got a slap on the fanny.
Unpretentious, steady, solid, stern, loving.
His rugged face so handsome to her.
Weathered hands calloused, his grip like a vice.

Pop culture, nudity, violence, war and terror
Rendered him with a tiring opinion,
So much garbage and crap.
The radio plays a country tune.
He sweeps her up for a dance.
Her apron dangling around her neck.
He steps on a bare toe
She laughs and cries at the same time.
Nine o'clock they dance to the bedroom.
White sheets fresh from the clothesline.
Her hair in Bobby Pins
His white T shirt glows in the dark.

The alarm crashes into the silence.
Dawn an hour away.
Her slippers shuffle toward the coffee pot.
She hears the shower,
Coffee, Bacon, eggs, toast.
Black lunch box packed,
A wink and a slap on the fanny.
"Be Good."
The back screen door slaps shut.
Ellie's Heart Smiles.