blackmailpress 11 ISSN 1176-4791
The ART of being: Christina Conrad
Kia Ora, Welcome,
Issue 11 Welcomes Back:
Mark Pirie, Trevor Landers & rob walker.

Very Special Guest: David Barnes

Features NZ Guest Poets:
Andrew Fagan, Percy Wells, Lynette Leong, Rebekah Burgess, Jooles Clements, Tara Marie Hayman, Trevor Reeves, Alison Withers, Tania Brady, Robert James Berry, Basim Furat.

Features International Guests Poets:
Alison Eastly, S K Kelen, Beverly J Raffaele, Berenice Dunford, Alan McGill, Terry Brix, Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar, Josef Lesser,
Thomas Paul Sternerhowe.
Featured Links:
Capital of the Minimilist - NZEPC Feature
Papertiger Media
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New Zealand Poets
Andrew Fagan
Percy Wells
Lynette Leong
Rebekah Burgess
Jooles Clements
Tara Hayman
Trevor Reeves
Mark Pirie
Trevor Landers
Jennifer B
Robert James Berry
Tania Brady
Basim Furat
International Poets
Alison Eastly
S K Kelen
Beverly J Rafelle
Berenice Dunford
Alan McGill
Terry Brix
Pushpa RatnaTuladhar
Josef Lesser
rob walker
Thomas Paul Sternerhowe
Very Special Guest: David Barnes
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Capital of the Minimilist
Paper Tiger - World Poetry CD

Photography: Jam Series - Sarah Reed