blackmailpress 11 ISSN 1176-4791
The ART of being: Christina Conrad
Kia Ora, Welcome,
Issue 11 Welcomes Back:
Mark Pirie, Trevor Landers & rob walker.

Very Special Guest: David Barnes

Features NZ Guest Poets:
Andrew Fagan, Percy Wells, Lynette Leong, Rebekah Burgess, Jooles Clements, Tara Marie Hayman, Trevor Reeves, Alison Withers, Tania Brady, Robert James Berry, Basim Furat.

Features International Guests Poets:
Alison Eastly, S K Kelen, Beverly J Raffaele, Berenice Dunford, Alan McGill, Terry Brix, Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar, Josef Lesser,
Thomas Paul Sternerhowe.

New Zealand Poets
Andrew Fagan
Percy Wells
Lynette Leong
Rebekah Burgess
Jooles Clements
Tara Hayman
Trevor Reeves
Mark Pirie
Trevor Landers
Jennifer B
Robert James Berry
Tania Brady
Basim Furat
International Poets
Alison Eastly
S K Kelen
Beverly J Rafelle
Berenice Dunford
Alan McGill
Terry Brix
Pushpa RatnaTuladhar
Josef Lesser
rob walker
Thomas Paul Sternerhowe

Very Special Guest: David Barnes
Featured Links: Highly Recommended 
Capital of the Minimilist

Photography: Jam Series - Sarah Reed