Name: rob walker
country : Australia
bio: rob walker's most recent poems have appeared online in The Breath, Sidereality, Tryst, Plum Ruby Review, The Oracular Tree and Indie Journal (USA), Limestone, Snakeskin and Comrades (UK) Stylus Poetry Journal, Friendly Street, Numbat, Thylazine, The Curious Record (AUS), NZPoetsOnline, Southern Ocean Review  (NZ), as well as some in traditional print form in Blue Dog Australian Poetry, Another Universe (AUS), Comrades Print and UNO anthology (UK.) Rob lives on a small farm in the hills near Adelaide, South Australia.
   In addition to writing, rob teaches music and drama, and regularly performs at Adelaide’s Friendly Street Poets.

Jo !
shorefishing at dusk

clicker baits snap
in a plastic bucket
seaweed scribbles on
a jeffrey smart canvas

rods are verticals straining
to the parabolic
sky awash whitening

a pointillism of cockles and pebbles

rippled sand solidified memories
of last night’s hightide
repeating itself further out
as whitecaps

lone vertical silhouettes
cast towards the horizontal
a kind of detached pride
that these independent figures

are our own children

The myth of gravity

gravity’s a myth
time sucks

once the shortest distance between two points an over fence leap. standing start. boing!

now a-b is
via a gate

earth sucks
with time


my head still
in clouds

body sucked
to earth

dig a trench
one foot in the grave

straighten back up
use more time

beware of holes
watch the earth

one day it won’t
let go

there’ll be no
back up


thoughts of worms fingering their pink way through
dark orbits of my late eyes gives
me some comfort

returning nutrients
to soil.
becoming soil.

minerals for the tap
root of some

cremation seems more efficient
instantaneously unlocking
molecules atoms

dispersing the Me evenly
through earth's

ashes to the seven seas
circumnavigating earth without
fame or glory


South Australian Public Schools Music Festival
Sept 11 2003

we forgot the anniversary.
for a couple of hours
time’s hands were tied

children’s voices healed wounds
promised hope
a future 

i’m just so proud o’ me daughter
said a man
from elizabeth

i forgot
pitch tone melody harmony rhythm
and remembered
why I do this

Somewhere in northern italy

sun bleeds into smog
acid stings eyes stream

lungs burn even cheeks

cooling towers  solidify from
this toxic mist

yet locals are inured
like slowly boiling frogs
already happily beyond hope

we cannot help but think
we witness the beginning of 
the end