Name: Tara Hayman
country : New Zealand
bio: My love of poetry comes from my Teacher at Hagley who encouraged me to write a few pieces for class last year. I am currently in the process of writing a story, which i hope will be published one day. I am 19 years old and love everything to do with the Arts. My poetry is a reflection of my emotions at the time i am writing them, such as when my beloved nana passed away. Poetry is my passion.

Tara is a new poet, with great potential - please welcome her to Blackmail Press - Editors
Jo !
The Shadow

Thundering skies
Crying eyes
Shadows and jet-black streaks
The life that was once within
My heart, it does shriek

One gone, my heart felt hollow
A shadow was sure to follow

One life lived and breathed
Warmed by the beating sun
Welcomed by dancing flowers and played in the grass for fun
The second welcomed clear skies
The sunrise
Happily soaking up the cheerful cries

One gone, my heart felt hollow
A shadow was sure to follow

Now at rest
At the doorstep of memory
The garden of years before
Rest my little ones
Now it is over


I thought this would never happen
Happen to me
I took advantage of the life and love around me
Reality has come seeping in
Standing there, watching me with a great, big grin
Why did it take her?
Why not me?
It’s such a mystery

Turn your head, close your eyes and sigh
I shed a little tear and say goodbye

The one who raised me to be happy and good
The only one who I really understood
Is now sinking away
Away from me

Turn your head, close your eyes and sigh
Shed a little tear and say goodbye

Ancient Flame

The noble one
Within his lair
Some call a myth
Some a bounty rare
A rumble deep
Of Earth shattering source
Bolts ones heart
Of quivering force

Jewel tainted stones
Nestled amongst his scales
Glint richly
Quite contently
Whispering its unheard fables

Tell all to the one
Of ancient Gaelic skies
Learn your lessons well
To the tenderness of faith
The knowledge known
So deeply embedded
Within his global eyes

Private Minds

Cool and clear
Like a teardrop
Or a sphere
Millions of glasses
Look inside
Watery depths
Secrets you will find

Thundering water
Roaring in my ears
Toss my hair roughly
Cold chills churn rebelliously
The teenage golden years

Sunset before the night
Sweet light after life
Rosy cheeks slide the horizon
Dip in the calming water
Full moon rising

Water brings life
Feeds living all
All living feeds
The great and the small

Christmas Call

White flakes falling after the fall
Christmas calling after all
Teardrop icicles
Carving with fine grace
Seems the stars fly
Soaring down from space

Christmas calling after all
White, furry bunnies and joyous kids and all
Crackling fires, toasting sires
Mothers watching the wrappings flying higher
Snowy, fuzzy foxes sniffing the air
Curios eyes peeping through the frigid windows with care
Paw prints and footprints regaling all around
Ingrained softly in the tell-tale snow
Track them and they shall be found!

Christmas calling after all
Open your eyes up to the icy, blue skies
And you shall have a ball!

Purple Velvet Throne

Whispered secrets
Muffled calls
The night is long
in these cold dark halls
Feet pitter-patter
A flash of white
A slam of a door
In this hushed moonlight
Frozen words
Still-life dreams
Trapped in time like a freeze-frame theme
Pointed hats
Velvet cloaks
Live among us within bars of hoax
Two worlds in one
The cathedral tells
Energy flying like the lightening hells
A record of time, playing forever
In the melody of silence
Ringing like Victorian bells.