Name: Thomas Paul Sternerhowe
country: USA
bio:  THOMAS PAUL [WORDWULF] STERNERHOWE began to sing to his fellow Child prisoners in the West Denver Housing Projects in the '60s. He spent the '70s and '80s howling his lyrics in rock 'n roll whiskey bars. 
He found passion in friction, the guttural growl of his Harley Davidson Hawg and the monster men he rode with.  Between prison and Big Brother Deals he watched them all disappear.  This poor boy (Momma was a Catholic; Daddy was a drunk) has found his voice and lends it to a vision - a tomorrow when his Children won't be goose-stepped and prodded into Daddy/Boy money wars.    A native son of Colorado,  he lives in Lafayette with wife Karen, her two sons and his youngest son, Zedidiah.  Family and riding his Harley Davidson fill up the hours left over from creative enterprises.

SternerHowe has been extensively published in independent literary magazines including Howling Dog Press/Omega, Flesh From Ashes, Silence Speaks, Skyline Literary Review, Apollo's Lyre, etc. 
He is winner of the Marija Cerjak Award for Avant-Garde/Experimental Writing 2001, 2002 & 2003. A bibliography of his writing credits and writing samples may be viewed at:  His first novel, 'Madman Chronicles: The Warrior' (ISBN# 1-59286-793-6), is available at his website: or at   He has earned his PHD (Post Hole Digger) of life, intends to bellow and right/write the beast at every opportunity.  The poor boy understands; that awful thing he was doing, fighting and singing in that mortar brick compound at ten years old;  'it' is what he is bound to do until it follows him on down.

Jo !
Best I Ever Had 

I may tell a little lie to the night,
I may,
cry a cup of tears, yes I might
I may be sad but don't you worry,
there are times we have had
They're the best I ever knew
and I may yet tip a cup with you

When the night comes down
on the city of my life
I am dreaming, ah ah, I am dreaming
We are puppets to the Gods,
slavelings to the strings
they are pulling, ah ah ah
We dance the dance of the damned
as we kneel at the feet of the king
We pray a little prayer
'cause we're sinners, oh oh,
we sinners, we pray and sing

In a smoke filled room
on the planet of my skin,
I am waking, ah ah, I am waking
The woman comes to call,
I am forced to fall in
to her voices, ah ah ah
Waltzing in the dance hall of love,
the lady and the blind violin
We steal a little kiss
'cause we're lovers like this
We're lovers where love is a sin

On a beam of light
through the black hole of my mind
I am riding, ah ah, I am riding
When the blade goes tumbling in,
I become the flow
I am falling, ah ah ah
Screaming to the red line of shame,
calling to the lady waterfall
We plunge beneath the waves
when there's nothing left to save
swimming like a rock ten feet tall

When it's over again,
from the bottom of my soul
I am laughing, ah ah, I am laughing
We are jokers 'til the end,
ghosts and aliens,
we come sneaking, ah ah ah
We're crawling underneath the bed,
breathing with a sweet lover's sigh
We make her say our name
when there's no one else to blame
She dreamed a lover in the night


You are unsafe in your homes
When the government men
come to save you
they may pin the name of terrorist
on the breast of your son
dispatch him to the
relative safety of his God
Then will you know
you are unsafe in your homes

You are living in whispers
when the government men
come to take you
they may pin the name of traitor
on the mount of your flesh
your Children's fingers pointing
"Take them away quickly
We are witness their transgressions!"
You are living in whispers


I made a hundred thousand wishes
across as many breaths I made
a vacuum heart and soul
send me someone, sanctuary
hold me close, I'm growin' old

Sure, I sang those thousands wishes
black and neon light, ah sure I
faced that empty bottom glass
bring me haven from this darkness
hurry 'cause I may not last

I felt her breath upon my shoulder
cross the sleep, my life, I felt
a woman hold me tight
break the steel bars off this prison
take me from this awful night

You are a hundred thousand wishes
answer to my prayer, you are
come at last and to hold
sanctuary, you are someone
warm this heart, it's growin' old

Were you there when I was singing
'neath black and neon light, ah were you
waiting for that time to pass
now my haven, come to take me
time undone, fading fast

Was that your breath when I was lonely
wondered when I woke, was that
an angel come to light
the prison cell of my heart now
waiting 'til the time was right

All Day Long 

This mind absorbed by dawn
skin dappled in conspiracy
between leaves and refracted shafts of light
travels perhaps a lesser path
what morning speak and does
kiss this expectant searching face
and the closed eye traveler blushes

From shadow he may watch
as she walks invigorated
lifted higher on the sun's ray reach
her face opened like a flower
devouring sustenance from the day
humble yet exalted in her way
homage paid by she whom visits

She returns home then
he writes his name on her flesh
they laugh at his insolence
behave like naughty Children
the blood ink of their days
embarrassed in nude repose
spoon fit wisp ebon night

Caring Spirit II

Hardly a day goes by
that I am not
visited by voices
They are singing
songs I have known
what songs I have made
tomorrow songs on my lips
not yet written down

I have found that special days
do not simply go by
if one takes the time
to pause and notice
moments brought to linger
as the taste of a butterfly
on the tongue of the eye

Today promises to be
such a day for me
Children's choir laughing
Waltzing Matilda
my voice, twelve years old
singing the song of the swagman

Momma saved her penny tips
bought me my first white shirt
A member of the all city choir
I would fit in for once
a poor boy marchin' and singin'

Yeah, this day is like that
jumbuck in my tucker bag
sweet time of remembrance
and I remember you

You are like that shirt and song
sweetness of far continent
singular in circumstance

The love of my days
Autumn come Winter

My foundling, my Caring Spirit

Day Rape/Time and Circumstance

for someone so old
to be alive but he isn't
speaking through
worn out
holes in his skin
nonsense syllables
of rollerblades
and such
Some dour
sisterhood woman
come to steal
parts of his face
pennies from
his purse of life
upon whose faithful
visit acquire
hoarfrost greedy
bones of Winter
left a certain
musk decay
fever breath
of torn edges
sacrifice denial
of base elements
a bucket full
of liver

On the verge
of wisdom
naked ingesting
oily nails
passion pearl
of peace subside
horizontal echo
wont to rise
up and wave
bending grass blade
broken reed
hollow whistle
and standing
not may make
itself a true
smooth tunnel
whose lips
winds kiss and
eerie chant come
own the night
when only empty
becomes full
death delivers
a chance pure life

Fair Gender

She stays the field
awaiting the next scream of horror
when it becomes her
she stays the field no more

She has gone digging
obsessive compulsive behavior
under her fingernails
fragments of her suicide self

Reaching for that next level
falling up to it
on the event of ascension
she lost the ability to communicate

That's what her boss does
raises the bar
then goes to the bar
what the hell is he talking about

So does her husband

Lady of Letters 

Two eyes torn from paper wound
these make a stationery target
a paper dream
I may just sit
in this corner
and feel sorry for myself
for the rest of my natural life

Window window
collection of Eos
a bundle of dawns extant
so we chance overcome
our collective ignorance

A youth approaches
a warrior unannounced
is struck down out of hand
for his impertinence
Such are humble beginnings
hate of sons

Three ladies
standing at a crossroads
What army passed here today
Dresses raised
Moonlight tide of blood

A teenage Child
in her virginity
pedigree be damned their eyes
fall upon her
excite and repulse

Where is she wonders
Romeo and not
this land of hungry beggars
adds fresh heat
her countenance
what innocence debutante
under whose face
painted Child yet

Boys sent off to killing wars
her sacrifice
sons to bear
reason she defines
and weeps
blood inside
and out, a keep