Name: Trevor Reeves
country: New Zealand
bio:  Trevor Reeves - Has published many works. poetry and stories, and some articles, reviews, etc, worldwide over the last 30 years. 3 books including 4 of poetry since 1976. One book of short stories. "Breaker Breaker". Non-fiction books on dams, murders, and unemployment and soon, the Nazi Holocaust. Currently editor and publisher of Southern Poetry Review (started 1996), international magazine of the arts online and in print. Book publisher and distributor for 30 years. Graphic designer for same time. 'Bedrocks 27' is from a sequence that forms a book in progress, "Words of the World" - 'form within formlessness' to be published in a year or two. Lives in Dunedin, NZ with artist wife, Judith Wolfe Email:

Jo !

The Holy Spirit is in your
heart of hearts. The cool and dry are best
especially if underfunctional. It was a wonderful
eventide home, but
it was perched on a fiscal cliff. Blowing the
grass out of the ground will
lead to a flag-waving precocious horde.You
have to coagulate the ball before
you can pass it. There were fristycuffs
between the two big cats. When he got to that stage in
his life he passed out
in his armchair. He was a
short man
on his offside.

Flexibuck is upwardly mobile inflation. There is
a difference between being opinionated and informed. You don't
need enemies when there are
so many switch points. Good job Hitler
didn't discover microwave ovens. Back to murder
incorporated for death to be properly
controlled. How to emerge from
the sewer cell to fling a flashy switch. Goodbye fleshy world, 
bounded by a ring of iron humans. With
his emaciated face it looked as if
he didn't own the stockmarket. As was President
Reagan, who was never a band aid. Sure if you
wanna get rich, get rich, but mind
the toads. If you wanna fall in the dungy, be
my guest.

The cigar said all the smoke
could disperse safely. The making of myth
is essence squeezed. The making of the nation results
from a  vaccum pudding. When the evil leaves
this empire, we'll walk out into
cold night loving the rain. We always needed a chief of
dreamers. Only the English
would play cricket
in the middle of the night. After fighting so
long in the heat
of battle, we have won
the cold war. They were three lonely herd
girls, plighted
by their troth.

He was so excruitatingly uncrunchiating. There
were some sickenly apparent death throes the
with relish. These things have a habit
of being remembered. You don't get the urge
until you start. If you are a native son, you have no
culture. What a wonderful sunset, now that we
have won that grudge match. Only the French
get worried about being done over but eventually
ressurected. De Gaulle was
tall and whined out at
you from those
far distant trees. The manual told
you how to leave it alone
without touching it.

I spend half my life
testing dead batteries. She got out, same
way as I got in, dummie. There was three quarters
of a finger's worth
between her ears. Eternal love will not
always be set like a
jelly. He belonged to the Golden Knights
torture team. This ill wind is not
a funny money cyclone. And there he was, through
thick and thin, carrying the true egg
of mankind. If I don't hear from you, I'll crawl back
into my little hole and keep
on going. Good evening, you pretty poison girls. If you say it
enough, it will be written into the passing clouds.On
the front of his T: "sh, and on the back, "it.

These rock notes and staves are brittling.
There were potentially too many dead fish floating
over his eyelids. Pouring people into pits and
killing them is bad for staff relations.
The man is in the suit, his
hat hiding his brains. He had a club foot and
nobody wanted to join. If only the glow in the mountains
could remain there until we
have passed through. The body says
thank you for everything you
have given it, even life. He tried to sweep
the shadows from his past eyes. You need poetic
accounting to keep alive. If it is not pilloried, it can become
reality in disguise.

Joint replacement operations are not
cannabis infusions. We are the first country to
have non-stop flights
to hell. Splotches on that painting
may be mistaken for blood. The depth of
the foundation of this earth is out of our water. The
investors were introduced by God to each other and to me.
Policy says, policy must rule. How often have you seen that
the mere deputy runs
the show? When I was born I never knew I was
going to die like this. The other side of the spectacle is
what you are. he was rippled to bits and emaciated by
what you chose.

The childrens' faces were the
colour of ash. There are always meanings
that are hard to resolve with a dry toothbrush. If it
gets burnt, put it into the porridge and stir briskly. They
were the most hopeful remnants of humanity, bare bones.
I am going to have to catch myself
short. You cross your arms in redefiance
of the almighty. You may need a longer line to
wrap around the victim's neck, to keep his
grinning at bay. That picture was slightly
more than a thousand words, including the
signature. Blood is always preceeded by dollars. Whoever
burns books burns