Name: Mark Pirie
country : New Zealand
Mark Pirie was born in Wellington in 1974. He is the Managing Editor for HeadworX, a small press publisher of poetry/fiction. His poems have been published in India, New Zealand, Australia, Croatia, the US and the UK. In 1998 University of Otago Press published his anthology of ‘Generation X’ writing, The NeXt Wave. He is an editor of JAAM (New Zealand), the contributing New Zealand editor for papertiger, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Antipodes (USA) and committee of the Wellington International Poetry Festival (NZ). Salt Publishing, Cambridge, England, has recently published his new and selected poems, Gallery A Selection. In 2004, Mark co-edited with Michael O'Leary the anthology Greatest Hits, an anthology of some of the best and most innovative NZ poetry and prose of the last 20 years and released four limited edition chapbooks through the Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop: Bullet Poems, Poems for Poets, The Angel Bus (song lyrics) and Two Poems - an impression of the sea (an experimental poem for the Australian poet Ken Bolton). Future projects will include a Spoken Word CD, a verse novella "Tom", a collection of his writings about music/musicians "Adoration", and the editing of New Zealand's first Science Fiction Poetry anthology with Tim Jones.
Jo !
first three poems are from Bullet Poems (Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop, 2004)

The Ballad of Courtney Love

Y'all know me - I'm America's Sweetheart
Check it out - my new album's just out
I'll lick you all - as I scream and shout
Aboard the Dream, the Dream of Rock O!

Now the latest is I've lost my child
Papers say I got naked in rehab
That's right - I'm 'rock's biggest problem-child'
Aboard the Dream, the Dream of Rock O!

But fans, I promise you I'll never stop
I'll keep my arse waxed, my breasts out of my top
For you I'll never change - I won't ever stop
Aboard the Dream, the Dream of Rock O!

For the most part, you know I've done great
Even if the drugs did, well - end my mate
But don't blame me, cos for him it was too late
Aboard the Dream, the Dream of Rock O!

One critic says I rock -  got a 'gravelly, down right
Voice' and what's more y'all warm to it
So now's my chance to get back on track
Aboard the Dream, the Dream of Rock O!

That's right - I'm America's Sweetheart
Check it out - my new album's just out
I'll lick you all - as I scream and shout
Aboard the Dream, the Dream of Rock O!

For all it's worth, I'm the vixen you love
Turned Punk on it's head, thew out the kid-glove
So forget the personal shit, cos it's rock we love
Aboard the Dream, the Dream of Rock O!

The Game
(For 'child soldiers' killed in Rebel conflicts)

take any young girl
abduct her, I mean
take your pick
it doesn't matter who

take her with you
hand her a gun
take any child, go on!
but make her kill

then take her faith
with a kiss on the mouth
and take all her childhood too
make her your screw

just take her from her family
go on, why not?
take her up into rebel hills
and then, let her get shot

Table of Casualties in the Iraq War

London, April 14 - Following are the casualties in
the Iraq war as announced by U.S., British and Iraqi authorities or
independantly confrmed by correspondents (official figures
usally lag behind actual battlefield casualties):

United States105434+4
United States 14
Britain     22
* ( Includes wounded from most recent incidents.)
* ( Includes minimum Iraqi estimates up to April 3 and
from then, confirmed sourced incidents.)
** (Figure does not include unconfirmed toll from U.S.
bombing of convoy south of Mosul on April 6.)
# U.S. Military estimates relating only to fighting in or
near Baghdad. No other figures available.
NOTE: NON-COMBAT is defined as accidents, U.S. or British
fire killing/ wounding their own troops or other incidents unrelated
to fighting.


A few decades after I arrived
the Americans finally landed,
dragging prisoners with them.

All over the galaxy
more tears were shed here
than I'd recorded before.

The retired generals were
up in arms. Was this their
last chance for a new

start? Hollywood actors
were the least of our worries
but they arrived next.

It figures: the military
cruising the stars. A block-
buster was about to be made.

And they were calling it: