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new zealand poets
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Serie Barford
Sonja Yelich
Mark Pirie
Olivia Macassey
Owen Bullock
Selina Tusitala Marsh
Jan Lauwereyns
Elizabeth Morton
Aalix Roake
Jennifer Compton
Glenn Archer
Natasha Leafberg
Andrew Fagan
Michelle Brewer
Emanuel E. Garcia
Nancy Rudkin

international poets
Eric Low
Beverly J Raffaele
John Bryan
Terry Collett - Short story

editorial - 5 years of BMP

featured Link Pasifika Poetry - NZEPC - editor Selina Tusitala Marsh

featured Link Best New Zealand Poems 2005- Editor Andrew Johnston

Aalix Roake - The Garden Of Awe
this daily walk to the lift of dreams;

keep getting in, eventually light streams.

- Mark Pirie Lift Poem